Winter is a knockin’

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Prepare written on multiple road sign

It’s not too early to be thinking about that Winter Checklist is it?

  • Disconnect, wind up those garden hoses and put an insulated cover over the spigots to prevent freezing.
  • Crawl space and other vents need to be closed or covered to prevent cold air.
  • Have your heating system checked by qualified HVAC contractor.
  • Make sure your gutters are cleaned out.
  • Prune back any branches that may cause a problem.
  • Stock up on Ice Melt now before the rush.
  • Service your generators and stabilize the fuel or just get some fresh fuel.
  • Check all water pipes near any exterior walls. Insulate, insulate, insulate.
  • If you use a fireplace or woodstove, get that chimney or flue checked out to avoid a chimney/flue fire.

Be safe out there!


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