What To Do In The Event Of A Water Emergency

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This list is from our good friends at Stanley Steemer who know a thing or two about cleaning up after water emergencies.

  • As quickly as possible, eliminate the SOURCE of the water!
  • If safe to do so, turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas; unplug and remove all small electrical appliances/devices currently located in wet areas.
  • Remove small furnishings from carpet to prevent stains and speed restoration.
  • Place aluminum foil under legs of wooden furniture to prevent stains.
  • Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts to avoid contact with wet floors, which prevents watermarks.
  • Remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants or other items that may stain floor coverings.
  • Remove and secure breakables, moisture-sensitive, or high-value items.
  • Plan for restoration crews to move furniture to dry areas.
  • Wash your hands thorougly after handling wet items.
  • Do not walk on wet carpet any more than is absolutely necessary to minimize damage as wet carpet loses 50% of its strength.
  • If sewage related, do not handle any contaminated items.
  • Do not use any type of home vacuum or shop-vac to remove water as electrical shock may occur.