Tips and Tricks in New Quoting System

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Tips and Tricks For
Quoting The 
New Home Owners
in BriteQuote

We’d like to bring your attention to some items when quoting in BriteQuote that will make your experience easier and more productive.
  1.  QUOTE AND APPLICATION MODE/STATE – When quoting in BriteQuote, the file is always in one of two states:QUOTE or APPLICATION. You can easily toggle back and forth between the two states by clicking on the Blue Q orGreen A Icon.  The main difference is that while in theAPPLICATION state or mode, the e2value Replacement Cost Estimator and all underwriting questions are all present.
  2.  OPTIONAL COVERAGES – Not all optional coverages are immediately loaded into the quote. If you want to see and be able to select any or all of the applicable optional coverages for that particular Policy Type, click on the GREEN PLUS SIGN .
  3.  RED I – Clicking on Red I‘s will give further clarification about Underwriting Rules.
  4.  DROP DOWN LISTS – When you see this symbol, it indicates that the quote/application needs more information (ISO Class, Construction Type, etc).
  5.  “SUSPENSION” WARNING: You may receive a warning notice to call the underwriter for further information, authorization to bind, or other notices before proceeding. If you do, simply call your underwriter.This is no reflection on you and not a real good choice of wording for this particular feature of the system, but it was a programming choice by the software developers, not us.
  6.  QUICK ISSUE – Help us to help you get your application moved quickly through underwriting by always attaching/including

    Photos, and
    Replacement Cost Estimator

  7. AGE OF HOME CRITICAL– Please be reminded to pay close attention to the age of the home before quoting in the Home Owners program. Older homes, regardless of ‘updates’, do not qualify for coverage under the Replacement Cost policies in the Home Owners program.
  8. AGE AND CONDITION OF ROOFS – The average roof in the United States is now 15 years old and that trend is pushing that age older each year. Roofs are a major claims item and a growing concern for all companies and Meramec Valley is no different. We pay close attention to the age and condition of all roofs on new applications.
  9. Finally, each insurance company reflects their experience in their underwriting practices and more importantly, in their rates. You may notice changes in the rates charged in certain areas, cities, and counties. These rates are reflective of our claims experience in those areas.