Save Money on Air Conditioning

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Here are seven easy things you can do to save money on air conditioning / electrical costs:

  1. Replace filters every three months. Clean filters reduce fan pressure, requiring less energy.
  2. Make sure the area around the unit is free of grass clippings, leaves, and other debris.
  3. Operate with  fan switch on “auto”, instead of the ‘on’ position so that the fan runs only when the compressor runs.
  4. A  programmable thermostat set slightly higher during off-hours can save up to 10% in cooling costs a year.
  5. Draw shades, hopefully insulated shades, especially on the southern facing windows to minimize the amount of hot sunlight entering the room.
  6. Use efficient lighting such as LED lights that do not give off excessive heat.
  7. Ceiling fans can reduce the need for AC, resulting in a potential 15 percent savings.

An annual inspection by a licensed technician can further reduce your risk of lost business, repair and energy costs. A technician will:

  1. Check electrical connections for looseness, and signs of moisture, damage or corrosion.
  2. Recommend a power protection device to protect the unit from brownouts, power surges or lightning.
  3. Check lubricating oil in the compressor’s crankcase heater.
  4. Check that the condenser is clean and surrounding area is free of vegetation, trash and stored materials. A dirty unit can increase power consumption by 10%.
  5. Keep surfaces of the cooling coils clean with filters.
  6. Check for proper refrigerant levels.


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Summer Quick Tips

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Summer Time Quick Tips

Here are Five Summer Time Quick Tips

  1. Set your laptops and other mobile devices to NOT automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi connections or hotspots.
  2. Make sure your electronics are up-to-date with the latest patches and fixes to avoid vulnerabilities to hackers. Hackers love people to steal from those who do not take the time to protect themselves.
  3. Make sure your devices are all password protected in the event they’re lost. This could buy you valuable time to contact your vendor to shut down the account.
  4. Don’t let thieves know you’re going to be gone or that you are gone. It’s fun to post pictures on social media, but you put yourself at great risk by doing so. There’s plenty of time to post the great pics once you return.
  5. Watch for skimming devices on ATM’s and other card terminals. If there is ANY sign of tampering, do not use it. Here’s a good article to help.


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America is Hungry!

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Poverty Statistics in the United States in 2014

  • 46.7 million people (14.8 percent) were in poverty. This number has increased to at least 48 million in 2016 and increases daily.
  • 15.5 million (21.1 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty.
  • 4.6 million (10 percent) seniors 65 and older were in poverty.
  • The overall national poverty rate according to the Supplemental Poverty Measure is 15.3 percent, as compared with the official poverty rate of 14.8 percent.
  • There are 48.4 million people living in poverty, nearly 2 million more than are represented by the official poverty measure (46.7 million).
  • Missouri exhibits a statistically significantly higher household food insecurity rate than the U.S. national average at 16.8%


  • LOCAL FOOD PANTRIES: Visit Food Pantries at to find a local pantry near you. Volunteer! Contribute!
  • FRIDAY BACKPACK PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN: Visit the University of Missouri Extension site at to find out how you can help.
  • Search around. The need is all around you.

If you decide to become part of the answer…Thank You!


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Become a donor. Become a hero.

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Become a donor. Become a hero.

At this moment, more than 120,000 people in the United States alone are waiting for an organ. One more person is added to the national waiting list every 12 minutes.

Each of these people is in desperate need of a liver, heart, kidney, or other organ. More than 6,500 people a year — about 21 a day — die before that organ ever becomes available.

The majority of the organs that are available come from recently deceased donors. When you fill out an organ donor card with your driver’s license, you’re agreeing to donate all or some of your organs if you die.

A smaller number of organs come from healthy people. More than 6,000 transplants from living donors are performed each year.

You might have wondered about donating an organ — either to a friend or relative who needs an organ right now, or by filling out an organ donor card. Before you decide to become an organ donor, here is some important information you need to consider.

Who can donate?

  • Just about anyone at any age.

How can I become an organ donor?

  • To donate your organs after death, you can either register with your state’s donor registry (visit, or fill out an organ donor card when you get or renew your driver’s license.

Will I be paid for donating an organ?

  • No. It’s illegal to pay someone for an organ. The transplant program, recipient’s insurance, or recipient should cover your expenses from tests and hospital costs related to a living organ donation. The transplant program can go over what coverage is available for additional medical services. Some or all of your travel costs may also be covered.

Will organ donation after death mean I can’t have an open-casket funeral?

  • No. The surgical incisions used for organ donation will all be closed.

Will my organ donation after death incur any costs to my family?

  • No. The costs of the tests and surgery related to the donation will be covered by the recipient — most often by the recipient’s insurance.

Does signing a donor card have an impact on the quality of medical care I get at a hospital?

  • No. When you are in a life-threatening situation, the medical team that is treating you is separate from the transplant team.

Should You Become an Organ Donor? Making the Decision

  • As you decide whether to donate an organ as a living donor, weigh the benefits and risks very seriously.It’s important for you to get as much information as you can before making a decision. The transplant center should fully explain the organ donation process to you. You should also be assigned an independent donor advocate who will promote your medical rights.Make sure you ask a lot of questions throughout this process. It’s important for you to fully understand the surgery and how becoming an organ donor might affect your future health.

Finally, remember that this is your decision — yours alone. Don’t let anyone sway that decision. Even if a friend or loved one is very sick, you have to consider how donating an organ might affect your own life. Remember that even though the donation process has started, you have the right to stop it at any time if you change your mind.

Information Source: WebMD


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Smile Train

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How often do you get the chance to save a child’s life for $250?

Being born with a cleft in a developing country is truly a curse. Every baby born in Uganda with a cleft is given the name Ajok which means literally, “cursed by God.” with some newborns killed or abandoned right after birth.

You can make a difference!

The good news is every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes.

Take a moment to donate online now…. whatever you can afford.

Pinki Before
Pinki Kumari After
Pinki Kumari After

NOW, tell me it’s not worth it!