Home Systems Protection

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airConditionerThe costs of maintaining a home continue to rise many times at a much quicker pace that we’d like. For instance, the average cost to replace a central air conditioner is $2,640*.

So, in 2014, we introduced Home Systems Protection . If you’re familiar with commercial insurance, you will see many similarities to the commercial coverage called ‘Equipment Breakdown’ typically offered by Hartford Steam Boiler.  And, it is Hartford whom we chose to bring your clients this important coverage.

For a look at the actual form included when the coverage is purchased, you can click this link HERE. Or, you can start with a quick summary of the coverage HERE.

At this point, you may wonder if turning in a claim like this will impact your coverage with Meramec Valley. To that, we assure you that claims for Home Systems Protection, Service Line, and Identity Theft coverage do NOT have any impact on your rate with us. They are handled by Hartford Steam Boiler and are outside of our system so there are no consequences for using these valuable protections.