Swimming Pool Requirements


A swimming pool is defined as:

Any structure intended for swimming or bathing capable of a water level of 24 inches or deeper. This includes:

  • in-ground, above-ground,
  • on-ground pools,
  • hot tubs and
  • spas.

    These are a few of the requirements to consider when applying for insurance with liability coverage and a pool exposure.

  • The pool structure must be at least 5 feet from the property lines (rear and side) and 6 feet from the house. It may abut a deck but must remain 6 foot from the house.
  • The pool must have a minimum 48-inch barrier. This could be a fence or deck (equipped with self-latching, lockable gates) surrounding the pool or the walls of the pool. If the walls of the pool are to serve as the barrier, they must be minimum 48 inches tall and the ladder must be removable or lockable in the upright position. If the walls of the home are used as part of the barrier, doors with direct access to the pool area must be equipped with audible alarm activated upon opening.
  • Electric to the pool must be correctly sized and installed underground in cable or conduit. Electric must be run to a treated 4-foot by 4-foot post located between 5 and 10 feet from the outer edge of the pool. Electric must be GFCI protected with weatherproof (bubble) cover.
  • Pools cannot be installed over an utility easement.
  • Overhead electrical conductors must remain 10 feet from the outside edge of the pool (measured horizontally).
  • Pool cannot have any slides or diving boards of any type.
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