Summer Quick Tips

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Summer Time Quick Tips

Here are Five Summer Time Quick Tips

  1. Set your laptops and other mobile devices to NOT automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi connections or hotspots.
  2. Make sure your electronics are up-to-date with the latest patches and fixes to avoid vulnerabilities to hackers. Hackers love people to steal from those who do not take the time to protect themselves.
  3. Make sure your devices are all password protected in the event they’re lost. This could buy you valuable time to contact your vendor to shut down the account.
  4. Don’t let thieves know you’re going to be gone or that you are gone. It’s fun to post pictures on social media, but you put yourself at great risk by doing so. There’s plenty of time to post the great pics once you return.
  5. Watch for skimming devices on ATM’s and other card terminals. If there is ANY sign of tampering, do not use it. Here’s a good article to help.


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