Some Good News ! ! !

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With all the BAD news circulating about companies and countries, we thought it was time to spread some GOOD news.  As you know, Meramec Valley changed its entire company philosophy in 2002, charting a new direction. In September 2007, we went ‘online’ with the philosophy of doing everything we can to make it easy for agents to do business with us.

And, it  has worked.

  • Since September 2007, we have experienced 53% growth in our total policy count.
  • Since September 2007, we have increased Policyholder Surplus by 53% and Company Assets by 64%
  • With a better experience with our reinsurer, our reinsurance costs are down to  24.2% of our Total Assessments (Premium) (down from 31% in 2000) and we have dropped our Total Expenses (as a percentage of Total Assessments) as well.

We are more financially sound now than at any time in our company’s history and are looking forward to many more years of solid growth!  Thanks to all the agents who have helped us by writing solid profitable policies.