Secure Your World. Don’t Become A Statistic

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A burglary happens once in every 15 seconds in the USA. Most of them happen when you are away at work. Here are some quick tips to reduce your chance of a burglary.


1. Get an Alarm System. Do your homework. Find a reputable Alarm Company to provide 24/7 peace of mind. If you feel you can’t afford these services, you may consider simple solutions like the Canary or similar device can provide monitoring of your home through a cell phone app.

2. Lock all your doors and windows and draw down your curtain or blinds before you leave the house. Some of these little devices are very valuable.

3. Fortify your home. The battle for your house begins at your doors and windows. Potential burglars will go home disappointed if they find out how fortified your home is.


4. Don’t give thieves a place to hide. Look at your house objectively and eliminate any bushes, shrubs, or other obstructions that could give a bad guy somewhere to hide.

5. Keep a pet. 32% of burglars interviewed have reported they are afraid of ANY breed of dog in the house. If you don’t want the mess and hassle of a dog, get an Electronic Watch Dog from Amazon.

6. Adequate Exterior Lighting. Bad guys hate light. They prefer to move around in the darkness. Install plenty of light around your home.


7. Finally, be proactive. Don’t wait for bad things to happen. Do your homework BEFORE to avoid these life-altering events.

Even when you’re away from home, practice
Situational Awareness
to protect yourself.

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