Our History


Meramec Valley Mutual Insurance Company was formed in March 1887, just two short decades after the close of the Civil War by farmers and other rural residents in Missouri who had virtually no access to insurance protection.

What else happened that year?

  • Grover Cleveland was President,
  • The first Groundhog Day was celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania;
  • The Senate allowed the Navy to lease Pearl Harbor as a Naval Base;
  • Anne Sullivan began teaching Helen Keller;
  • Queen Victoria celebrated the 50th year of her reign;
  • the construction of the Eiffel Tower began in Paris, France;
  • Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show opened in London, England;
  • Georgia O’Keefe, Boris Karloff, Chico Marx and Conrad Hilton were born.


Since then, we’ve had twenty-two American Presidents, two world-wars, various depressions and recessions, but one thing has not changed…

Meramec Valley has continued to provide quality insurance protection and personalized service to Missourians at a fair price.