New Coverages at Meramec Valley

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RENEWALS: All eligible policies that renew their coverage during 2014 will find two new coverages:

NEW BUSINESS: All eligible policies will have these two new coverages as options on New Business beginning with policy inception dates of January 1, 2014.

Service Line Coverage

Physical damage to a covered service line:
 Water, well and sewer
 Ground-loop (geothermal)
 Outdoor heat source
 Power, communications
and data
 Drainage pipes

Common causes:
 Excavation
 Intrusion
 Electrical arcing
 Root invasion
 Deterioration
 Freezing

Resulting in:
 Leak
 Break
 Tear
 Rupture
 Collapse

Replacement up to 150% of replacement cost for replacement that improves the environment, is more efficient or safer.

Coverage Includes:
Repair of damaged service line.
 Excavation costs.
 Expediting expenses.
 Loss of use/rents.
 Outdoor property

$10,000 Limit with a $500 Deductible for any service line failure

Home Systems Protection Coverage

Home Systems Protection (trigger)
Covered Causes of Loss
We will pay for sudden and accidental:
 mechanical or electrical breakdown
 tearing apart, cracking, burning, bulging of a steam or hot water heating system, or
an air conditioning system
that results in direct physical damage to covered equipment.

Equipment Covered Property Under Coverage A, B & C

Heating and air systems
 Well pumps
 Ventilation systems & fans
 Electrical panels
 Pool and spa and exercise equipment
 Electric garage door mechanisms
 Central vacuums
 Chair lifts and elevators
 Back-up generators
 Appliances, entertainment and media equipment
 Security systems

Limit: $50,000 Deductible: $ 500

Loss of Use
Expediting Expenses
Spoilage Sublimit

.Eligibility Guidelines