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On March 30, 1927, the native Eastern Bluebird became the official state bird of Missouri. (RSMo 10.010) The bluebird, considered a symbol of happiness, is usually 6 1/2 to 7 inches long. While its upper parts are covered with light blue plumage, its breast is cinnamon red, turning rust-colored in the fall. The bluebird is common in Missouri from early spring until late November.

Their feeder favorites are mealworms and small pieces of fruit or berries, including raisins. When insects and other natural food supplies are scarce, they will also eat small peanut and sunflower kernels, as well as suet. Bluebird feeder types range from dish-style to the predator-resistant, house-style.

The breeding season for these birds begins in April and will go through July, although a couple of weeks on either side is possible. The fact that these birds are cavity nesters makes them ideal candidates for a (clean) birdhouse.

Bluebirds require fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing, and a low basin with 1-2 inches of water is ideal for these thrushes.

Keeping grassy areas of the lawn trim to allow bluebirds to access insects and feed more easily.
Discourage feral cats and keeping pet cats indoors to eliminate that threat to bluebirds and other wild birds.
Provide low (3-4 feet) perches such as old fence posts or wire fences for bluebirds to forage from

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