Making Your Home More Secure

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According to recent FBI Crime Clock Statistics, a burglary happens every 14.3 seconds. Although burglaries tend to be non-confrontational, they can leave their victims with fear and scars of impending vulnerability.

Some Facts

  • Most residential burglaries happen during daylight hours and in the summertime-typically when you are at work or on vacation.
  • 72.6 of burglaries involve forcible entry.
  • Victims of burglary suffer an estimated $4.6 BILLION  in lost property in 2009 alone with the average loss of $2,096?

 Some Tips

  • EVERY time you go out, even for just a few minutes, lock your doors and windows. Thieves are fast.
  • Leave some lights on when you’re gone and consider using some lights and radios on timers to give the impression you’re home.
  • Consider using motion sensor lighting as well.
  • When you move into a new home ALWAYS change the locks. Even if you knew the previous resident.
  • Lock all ladders so that the burglar can’t use it against you.
  • Never leave a note saying “Be back in a few minutes”.
  • If you hide a spare key, the burglar WILL find it. Leave a spare key somewhere OFF the premises.
  • Don’t leave clues that you’ll be away on vacation like newpapers piling up, unkept yard, fliers left by sales people, etc.
  • If you still have a land line, forward home telephone calls to your cell phone.
  • Do not record a message that you’ll be away.
  • DO NOT POST pictures or information on Facebook or other social media of where you are or what you’re doing until you return! You may think you know your Friends, but do you know all THEIR Friends? And, all their Friend’s Friends?
  • If you can, arrange for a house sitter if you’re going to be away for any extended time.
  • Would your exterior doors resist being kicked in? A door is only as good as it’s weakest point which is typically right at the knob/lock. Consider using a Door Frame Reinforcement Kit Strike Plate. They cost a little more than $100, but that is MUCH less than your policy deductible.
  • Sliding Doors are easy access points for criminals. Measure and cut a piece of wood or aluminum pole to lay in the track.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs around windows and doors trimmed in such a way as to not give a hiding place for thieves.
  • If you can’t afford an alarm system, there are reasonable NOISY and inexpensive substitutes.
  • If you have a home safe, it should be anchored to the floor or made unable to leave the premises.

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