It’s Electronic Pickpocket Season

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It takes just a moment to be electronically (RFID) pickpocketed.

With just a wave of the thief’s hand holding the device, he or she will electronically steal all of your personal and credit card information. You will be totally unaware of the theft, and your next billing statement could have THOUSANDS of dollars of THEIR charges on it. Sure, you will (most likely) not be held accountable for the charges, but why not avoid the hassle with a simple, easy-to-use precaution?

That solution?

RFID** wallets or sleeves available at most department stores, office supply stores, and various online vendors including Amazon. For just a few dollars, you could avoid a lot of misery dealing with a problem that shouldn’t have been yours to deal with in the first place.


These sleeves or wallets that hold your cards will block the thief’s device and they’ll have to move along to the next, unprepared, victim.

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Be safe out there!


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**RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) is the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data from your credit/debit cards at the store’s terminal for your convenience and protection, but the thieves are already ahead of them.