Generating A Quick Quote In Britecore

Generating a Quick Quote

For this demonstration, we will be working within the Policies module. In the Policies module, you can quickly and easily write a policy for an insured, generate a quick quote, or manage existing policies. The policies you write will be based on the lines of business setup by your company, helping to ensure there are not errors in the coverages offered. Also in Policies, you can browse uploaded Documents for each policy.

BriteCore connects written-policy information directly to your company’s list of contacts. As you type an insured’s name, the system will auto-suggest a contact to you, and the contact’s important information will be automatically imported from the Contacts module. BriteCore eliminates the need to type the same address multiple times and will allow you to spend less time creating a policy. If you add an individual to a policy who is not already in Contacts, you can quickly add that person’s information to the policy and the new individual will be added to your list of contacts for future use.

Below is an example of the Policies screen.

Quotes and applications are what we refer to as an uncommitted policy. Agents can quickly quote a new policy by clicking on the Quoting icon in the top-right corner of the Agent Portal Dashboard. BriteQuote can also be accessed through the Policies module by clicking the icon in the top-left corner under Policies. Once you have clicked on the BriteQuote icon, a new policy will be created with an auto-generated Policy ID.


The A/Q toggle button is located at the top of the new quote/policy screen and allows agents to toggle unsubmitted policies back and forth between a Quote and Application. When the “Policy is an application,” supplemental questions are viewable in Builder. When the “Policy is a Quote,” supplemental questions are invisible, since they are not a requirement for a quick-quote. The toggle button is also active on the admin side until the policy has been submitted and committed.

Before editing the new policy, you should determine whether the policy is an application or a quote and select the appropriate toggle option. When generating a quick quote, you will want to select “Policy is a quote”.

Reviewing the Policy Header

Scroll up to the top of the Quoting screen to view the policy’s header. This header resembles the policy headers in the administrative view of BriteCore. Notice the Policy Status is Unsubmitted, and the Policy Type has not yet been selected in the image below. Unsubmitted policies can be edited; submitted policy applications and active policies cannot.


Let’s review the requirements for building a quick quote and begin creating a new one.

Quick Quote Requirements

To obtain a quote, BriteCore requires minimal user input allowing agents to generate a quick quote. The following documentation identifies requirements for generating a quick quote in BriteCore. At the very least, BriteCore requires users to update the policy’s Effective Date, Term, Policy Type and input/build theRating information under the Policy Setup tab. In addition to filling out the term information, agents are also responsible for inputting the Primary Named Insured’scontact information under the Insureds bar on the Policy Setup tab. Refer to the documentation below for assistance with generating a quick quote.

Add a Primary Named Insured to the unsubmitted policy

Adding Primary Named Insured

Agents are required to add the primary insured’s contact information to both quotes and applications in case someone needs to search for or update the policy for application submission.

  1. Make sure you are on the Insureds tab under the Policy Setup.
  2. In the Name input box under Primary Named Insured, type the name of the primary insured.
  3. If the New Contact box appears, enter the new contact’s information and click Done.
  4. Click the Save button.

Clicking the pencil icon next to the insured’s name will allow you to update or edit the information if needed. Next, we will update the Policy information.

Update the Policy Term information

  1. Click on the Policy button under the Policy Setup tab.
  2. In the Effective Date boxes, type the prospective Effective Date.
  3. In the Term drop-down box, select the appropriate policy term for the client.
  4. Answer Underwriting Questions if your company requires it.

Update the Policy Type

  1. In the Select a State drop-down box under Policy Type, select the state in which your company does business.
  2. Use the gray arrows next to each policy type to expand the selections, and then select the appropriate form (i.e., Homeowners > Homeowners – Form 1).
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Note that you may answer the company-specific Underwriting Questions at this time, but it is not a requirement. If you choose to answer the underwriting questions, do not forget to Save your work.

Input Rating Information

  1. Click on the Rating button under the Policy Setup tab.
  2. Build the Rating table according to the prospective client’s interests. For help with building the Rating information see documentation on How to Build the Rating Table.
  3. When you are finished building the policy, click the Rate and Save button at the bottom of the screen to obtain the Pro-Rata Premium and Policy Annual Premium quote amount.
  4. Click the Print Quote Summary button to obtain a Quote Summary.

Below is an example of a Quote Summary:

AP QuoteSummaryExample2.png