Contact 2: Post Tornado Roofing Scams

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The repair costs for damage caused by the New Year’s Eve tornadoes is astronomical. The winds may have blown through, but many wonder if the storm chasers are moving in. So a word of warning, beware when hiring someone to repair storm damage. Jason Shupp of Ferguson Roofing, and a member of the Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance, says these storms hit hard.

“It’s not just a matter of replacing a roof that has some hail damage on it. It’s a major process and the people who where affected were affected pretty seriously.”

Don Russina of Fenton was one of those homeowners, “This is the first time I’ve been forced into making a quick decision.”

When people encounter crisis like Russina faced, there could be panic and confusion associated with hiring the right person to do the repair work, and with good reason according to Shupp, “When you get a storm, basically roofers come out of the woodwork. But there a lot of reputable contractors in St. Louis. Enough that you can get three or four bids from reputable contractors, to help you make a decision.”

The Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance warns homeowners about storm chasers coming in from out of town looking for work. Shupp says don’t buy their sales pitch.

Shupp also says consumers should be patient, don’t jump at the lowest bid and don’t pay an outrageous deposit, “You can look at anywhere from 25 to 50 percent is not inappropriate to ask for. The important thing is that you’ve done your research with the contractor you’re working with to know that they have stability, that they have a local presence, so that if there are any concerns you know that you can find them and have them remedied. ”

The Better Business Bureau says never pay more than a third down. When it came to picking Ferguson Roofing, Don started by finding out who manufactured the shingles he needed.

From the company’s website he learned the company trains local roofers in the installation of their product, “And with those certification programs, you can pick a good local company because they’ll have the most certified people install their roofing. And I use Angie’s List to find the reputable company and the company that has the certified installers.”

An Ethics Code, longevity and a strong commitment to O.S.H.A. safety rules govern members of the alliance according to Shupp, “The association strives to raise the bar for local roofers to make sure the consumer, the homeowners in our community, get treated fairly and that they have a reputable contractor”

Remember, do your research and you’ll get the best deal for your money.