Cold Weather Suggestions

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  1. Swimming Pools – Drain water from the swimming pool using the manufacturer’s or installer’s directions.
  2. Outdoor Hoses – Disconnect outside hoses from the hose bib and if one is available, close inside valve.
  3. Exposed water lines – check around the house, in crawl spaces, etc to find any pipes that may be exposed to the elements and insulate accordingly.
  4. Heat Tape – Consider installing heat tapes or similar UL-Approved products to exposed water pipes or any water pipes that are adjacent to exterior walls. A low tech, low cost solution if you have no other available option is to wrap pipes in newspaper. This is obviously not the preferred method, but if you do not have the cash available for heat tape, this may work.
  5. Close Garage Doors if there are exposed water lines in the garage.
  6. Open kitchen/bathroom cabinets when the weather outside gets really frigid. Make sure to move any harmful chemicals that may be under the sink if there are children or pets in the home.
  7. Consider relocating pipes that are adjacent to exterior walls and therefore subject to freezing.
  8. Add insulation to appropriate places in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and walls.


Be safe out there!


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