Change Endorsements in Britecore

All Change Requests must be submitted by the Agent of Record utilizing the system in Britecore. Here’s how:

First, go to your client’s Policy in Britecore and you will see a couple new choices/icons. This email is about the first choice. Another separate email will address the second choice of submitting Claims through Britecore.

Find the BLUE “Quote a Change” button in order to create a ‘potential‘ change. It is ‘potential‘ in that if you decide to NOT submit the change, you can easily discard it with impact to the policy. You will now have the ability to make modifications to any active field on the policy Setup tab in Britequote.  All quoted policy changes will come through to the Company as uncommitted in Britequote.

Here are the six quick steps. We’re sure once you’ve done this once or twice, you will find it very easy and efficient.

  1. Go to BriteQuote > Policies and search for the active policy you want to quote.
  2. Click the new “Quote a Change” button to begin a new quote.
  3. Type the effective date of the policy change in the New Policy Change box.
  4. Make necessary endorsements to the policy or quote the policy using fields available in the policy Setup tabs of BriteQuote. Always include a summary of a list of all the requested changes to the policy in the Additional Description text box. Without a listing here, you will be receiving a call from a CSR to verify the Change.
  5. If you want to submit the change, verify changes on the submit screen and then Submit the changes.
    1. The new revision (change request) will be created on the policy in BriteCore once you Submit the change request.
    2. IMPORTANT! New revisions must be reviewed and committed by an underwriter in order to take effect on the policy.
  6. If you don’t want to submit the quoted change(s),you can discard the quote by clicking the red “Discard a Change” icon at the top of the screen. 
It’s that easy.IMPORTANT

Don’t forget to provide us with your name and email address so that we can 1.) send a confirmation email and 2.) who the Company should contact in the event there are any questions.


Still have questions?