Agent Inquiries


Thank you for your interest in Meramec Valley Mutual Insurance Company.

Our Company

We are an Extended Missouri Mutual licensed to do business in Missouri under RSMo Chapter 380. We have been in business since March 1, 1887. As a mutual insurance company, our policyholders own, and a board of directors oversees the management of the company.

Our Products

We offer a variety of Property and Casualty insurance products including:

        Replacement Cost Home Owners

  •      Form 2 Broad Form
  •      Form 3 Special Form
  •      Form 4 (Contents only)
  •      Form 5 Preferred Special Form
  •      Farm Owners

    Actual Cash Value Policies
  •      Owner-Occupied Occupied
  •      Landlord (tenant-occupied) (Primary Residence not required)
  •      Seasonal (with or without supporting Primary Residence)
  •      Rehab/Vacant Dwelling Policies
  •      Farm
  •      Mobile Homes

    Liability Protection
  •      Personal and Farm Liability Protection
  •      Vacant Land Liability Coverage
  •      Up to $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 Aggregate
  •      No acreage limitations
  •      Incidental Agriculture Riders available Optional Coverages Available
  •      Service Line Coverage (underwritten by The Hartford Steam Boiler)
  •      Home Systems Protection (underwritten by The Hartford Steam Boiler)
  •      Identity Recovery Services (underwritten by The Hartford Steam Boiler)

  •      Online Quoting and Submission of New Business
  •      Payment Processing (MasterCard, VISA, Echeck)
  •      Online Real-Time Claims Submissions
  •      24 Hour Claim Reporting at (866) 690-8328
  •      On-line Change/Endorsements
  •      Instant Access Policy Online information of your clients

Our People

If you need a standard/preferred lines, mono-line, residential property insurance company to assist you in placing your quality clients, we would like to talk further with you. Please call us at 888-428-9180 to see if we can help — or  —  print out and fill out our simple information form below and mail to to begin the process.