5 Ways To Protect Your Cell Phone

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  1. PASSWORDS – Use a device pass-code or pattern. The passcode protects your phone from unauthorized access. Many phones only support device-level encryption if a pass-code is set.
  2. AUTO-LOCK – Use Auto-Lock. Auto lock automatically locks your phone after a prescribed time period you determine, forcing a pass-code or pattern to access the phone.
  3. LOCK-HTTPS– Look for the LOCK or web address using HTTPS. When browsing on your phone, especially to financial, email or shopping pages that require you to submit sensitive data, such as passwords or credit card numbers, look for the lock in the URL, which indicates the connection to the site is secure.
  4. WI-FI – Leave your Wi-Fi OFF to avoid public fake Wi-Fi connections. These fake Wi-Fi access points are designed to fool you into connecting so that it can inspect your browsing sessions, including email traffic.
  5. PHONE LOCATOR APP – Use a phone locator app. If you lose your smartphone, a locator application can help you find it and even lock or erase it remotely.