5 Ways to Avoid a Data Breach

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1. Encrypt Your Devices – 73% of breaches could have been prevented if the devices involved were encrypted. Go here for a beginner’s guide to encryption. Or, this is another good article.
2. Keep Patches Up To Date – Malware and hacking thrive on devices that have left openings by the inattentive.
3. Use Complex Passwords – No dictionary words. Use UPPER case, lower case, numbers, and symbols and do NOT use the same password for everything.
4. Watch For Phishing – Social Engineering whether in person, on the phone, or through phoney emails account for much of the Data Breaches. The weakest link most times boils down to people.
5. Before You Hit Send – Verify that the contents you are sending are being sent to the correct person. These type of errors account for 30% of all breaches.