12 Things That Are Being Killed by the Internet

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  1. Polite Disagreements – Who hasn’t participated in (or at least read) a string of violent or vitriolic comments on a blog, Facebook, or YouTube? It appears having an opinion with a spirited debate has devolved into name calling and hateful, pointless anger.
  2. Punctuality – Why bother being on time, when you can just text ahead that you’re going to be late?
  3. Telephone Directories – Remember that big book that used to show up once a year?
  4. Music Stores – Since the introduction of iTunes in 2003, music sales have plummeted from $11.8 Billion to $7.1 Billion in 2012. Music sales peaked in 2000 when Americans bought 943 million CD albums and digital sales weren’t even a blip on the radar.
  5. Letter Writing – Pen Pals – Remember stamps and envelopes and what it was like finding a hand written letter in your mailbox?
  6. Memory – Any fact, no matter how obscure, can be dug up within seconds through Google and Wikipedia. There is less value attached to the “mere” storage and retrieval of knowledge. What becomes important is how you use it – the internet age rewards creativity.
  7. Dead Time or Down Time – When was the last time you spent an hour mulling the world looking out a window, or rereading a favorite book?
  8. Photo albums and slide shows – Facebook, Flickr and printing sites like Snapfish are how we share our photos instead of family albums with notes on the back of the photo.
  9. Watching television together – On-demand television has undermined what was one of the medium’s most attractive cultural appeals – the shared experience.
  10. Authoritative reference works – We want reliable information but just aren’t willing to pay for it. Who wants to buy the World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica when you can just browse Wikipedia?
  11. Privacy – We may attack governments for the spread of surveillance culture, but users of social media websites make more information about themselves available than Big Brother could ever hoped to obtain by covert means.
  12. The Insurance Industry – The insurance industry is unfortunately undergoing a quiet revolution in which more and more insurance is being marketed to the buying public with little or no consultation or professional guidance. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.   A Trusted Choice Insurance Agent is always ready to help you tailor a program to meet your specific insurance needs.


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