10 Spring Safety Tips

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work gloves isolated on white

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!
(We hope)

1. Wear protective clothing when you handle pesticides and fertilizers
2. More than 60,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year for lawn-mower injuries
3. Use proper eye protection
4. Inspect the ladder before using it to make sure there are no loose or broken rungs.
5. When pruning trees, be careful not to let metal ladders or trimmers contact overhead wires
6. Unplug all tools when not in use
7. Before you do any “hands on” weed removal, be sure you know how to identify poison ivy, sumac, oak and similar toxic plants
8. Store gasoline-powered equipment away from anything that uses a pilot light
9. Rake before you mow to prevent any stones and loose debris from launching into the air
10. Clean up work areas. Put dangerous tools, adhesives, matches or other work items away from children’s reach